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Unique NutriGenie Technologies

We offer many unique features in our software that no competitive products provide. Below is a sample of our special features. Please click on the feature's name for further information.

  • Graphic Food Guide Pyramid (FGP) analysis
  • Automatic menu generator: the user specifies a calorie target and our software can automatically generate thousands of FGP balanced menus within a few calories of the target.
  • Glycemic Index analysis
  • Diet quality analysis: in addition to giving numerical values of macro- and micro-nutrients in the user's diet, we graphically compare them to the established RDA values. Starting with version 7.5, each diet is rated from 1 to 5 stars based on its nutrition quality. We also provide descriptive analyses for each diet such as low-fat, vitamin rich, mineral deficient, etc.
  • Weight projection: real-time estimation of your weight one week and one month in the future when the current level of daily energy intake is maintained during this period.

Some features are available only in our latest programs. Please make sure the software you order has the features you want by downloading its evaluation version for verification.


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